Hammock Care + Relaxation Tips | Yellow Leaf Hammocks + Hanging Chairs

User Guide

Basic Hammock Care + Relaxation Tips

We like to call our hammocks "Backyard Heirlooms" -- with proper care + use, your Yellow Leaf Hammock or Hanging Chair will stay fresh + bright for years to come!

Your Yellow Leaf Hammock comes with a "hammock tote" for travel and storage, so make sure to keep the tote that your hammock arrives packaged in.


How To Handle Your Hammock

Nobody likes a knotty hammock! When you take your hammock out of the tote, always make sure to pull the eyes out first. Handle it by the scale lines to prevent them from becoming tangled. To pack your hammock back up, fold it in half, holding it by the eyes. Stuff the bed into the tote, followed by the scale lines. The eyes of the hammock should always go in last, at the top of the tote. Be sure to store your hammock somewhere safe + dry.



Washing Your Hammock

Hand-wash in cold water with a non-bleach detergent. Tie a string around the scale lines to prevent entanglement. Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry (spread open). Don't ever put it in the dryer.

If you have squirrels or other friendly critters who might nibble your hammock, we highly recommend treating your hammock with a product called "bitter apple spray." It is a non-toxic taste deterrent spray that pet owners often use to stop puppies from chewing household items. 



How To Get In Your Hammock

Classic or King-Size: Stand to one side of the hammock and spread it open, then sit down in the center. Gently lay back on a diagonal and swing your legs in.

Hanging Chair: Make sure the seat is spread open and sit normally, like you would sit in a chair. Once you are seated, pull your knees to your chest like you’re doing a cannonball, then put your feet in the hammock and stretch your legs out to relax! 



Lying In Your Hammock

The most comfortable way to lie in your Classic Double or King Size Hammock is on the diagonal, which will help spread the bed of the hammock open, comfortably distribute your weight and support you perfectly! 

If you are kicking back in a Hanging Chair Hammock, you will probably find it most comfortable to recline fully, pulling your legs + feet into the hammock and then extending your legs straight in front of you. 



Important Reminders For Safe Hammocking

  1. All hammocks are 100% hand-woven using a unique triple-weave + thin microyarn for comfort and support. To avoid getting caught on the yarn, hammockers must remove clothing and accessories that could catch on the yarn — buttons, zippers, key chains, shoes with buckles, etc.
  2. Take care when setting up your hammock and check the strength of your hanging structure and hardware regularly to avoid injury.
  3. Do not leave children unattended.
  4. To keep your hammock safe, make sure it is hung out of reach of puppies or pets that like to chew on interesting new “toys”.
  5. Always handle by the eyes of the hammock to avoid tangling the scale lines.
  6. If you accidentally “pull” a yarn, it is important to repair the pull before further use. Hang and spread the hammock and study the yarn that was caught (the "loop"). Trace the yarn that was pulled and gently pull on the surrounding weave to ease the yarn back to its original position.