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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s truly important to us that you actually *use* and enjoy your hammock! To make it easier for you to relax, we’re dedicated to inventing the best hammock stands and hanging solutions in the world. 


Each of our hammock stands is impeccably crafted with premium materials, built to be super strong, made with durable finishes for the outdoors, and designed to be easy to assemble! Whether you choose to hang in our “Go Anywhere” Hanging Straps, adjustable Hammock Stand, VISTA™ portable hammock + stand, or luxury Hammock Throne, you’ll be relaxing with style and ease in no time.


Our “Go Anywhere” Hanging Straps are the most versatile hanging solution. These hammock straps are compatible with all Yellow Leaf hammocks and work well in almost any hanging scenario. They are each 12’ long and easily adjustable, so you can hang your hammock between any two points up to 30+ feet apart. Each hammock strap is designed with pre-made loops so that you don’t need to tie any knots to hang your hammock! They are super strong, with a weight capacity of up to 550 lbs. Our flat hammock straps are also “tree-friendly” and do not cut into the bark like a regular rope. 


Our adjustable Hammock Stand is our perfect solution for tree-free hammock relaxation. It is easy to assemble (no tools required), so you can get straight to relaxing! The Hammock Stand is compatible with our Signature Hammocks (it works with both Classic and Family sizes). We use an electrophoretic treatment on our steel, ensuring it can withstand harsh outdoor elements all season long and won’t rust like cheap alternatives. Our innovative Gravity Hooks™ eliminate sharp edges and make it a breeze to adjust the tension and find personalized comfort. The Hammock Stand can easily be moved from one location to another within your yard - great for chasing the sun (or shade!).


Our VISTA™ stands out as the world's lightest, most portable hammock stand. The frame is made with jet-grade aluminum, so it is superstrong (supports up to 330 lbs) but featherlight (weighs just 12 lbs). Assembling The VISTA™ is a cinch, with easy plug-and-play components that snap together in under a minute (no tools required). The VISTA™ is built to withstand years of high-traffic use with a durable, weathersafe powder coat finish. And it comes with an easy-to-carry backpack to bring your portable hammock + stand on any adventure! 


Our luxury Hammock Throne is the first dedicated “relaxation furniture.” It was designed to be a show-stopping statement piece that looks as good as it feels! The chalice-shaped frame is crafted from sustainably grown Appalachian Maple, and the perfectly round steel base is an anchor of stability. You can customize the finishes of your Hammock Throne to match your decor aesthetic, and every finish we offer is “marine-grade” for supreme longevity and durability. The Hammock Throne has a minimal footprint, so you can hang almost anywhere. One of the best parts? It has an ultra-smooth swivel feature, so you can enjoy 360° views in every direction. 

The best way to hang your hammock depends on where you want to relax. Choose your personal relaxation oasis and follow these simple guidelines! 

How Do I Hang My Hammock From Trees?

Our hammocks are a life-changing addition to your backyard or garden. The easiest way to hang your hammock between two trees is by using our versatile Hanging Straps, which are pre-looped and adjustable, so you don’t need to tie any knots. All you need to do is decide where you want to relax! 


Our hammocks should be hung with the ends about 10’-11’ apart, and our hanging chairs should be hung with the ends between 3’6”-5’ apart. Attach your hammock to one of the pre-made loops on your hanging straps (sturdy carabiners are included with your set of straps). Finding the perfect hanging distance for your ultimate comfort might take a little trial and error, but you’ll be relaxing in blissful comfort before you know it. You can consult our hammock hanging guide if you need further information.


Your hammock and straps can be brought wherever your journey takes you— whether camping at a National Park or relaxing between palm trees! Each hammock arrives in a reusable Hammock Tote, perfect for storage and travel. Toss your hammock and straps in the trunk and bring them on your next epic adventure.

How Do I Hang My Hammock on a Porch or Balcony?

If you have two secure posts or an overhead beam, you can hang your hammock using our versatile Hanging Straps, which are pre-looped (so you don’t need to tie any knots) and easily adjustable. You’ll simply loop your Hanging Straps around the support and attach them to your hammock using the (included) sturdy aluminum carabiner. You can adjust which pre-made loops you attach your hammock to, so you can easily find your perfect hanging distance.


If you don’t have posts or beams that you can hang your hammock from, you can use one of our free-standing hammock stands. These versatile hanging solutions make it easy to place your hammock wherever you want - and we have compact solutions that can fit on even the tiniest balcony or patio. 


Whether you use hanging straps or a hammock stand, adding a hammock to your porch or balcony will create a cozy oasis where you can leave your daily stress behind!

How Do I Hang My Hammock Indoors?

You don’t have to be hanging from a tree (or even be outdoors!) to enjoy that “vacation feeling” in the comfort of your own home. Indoor hammocks are gaining popularity and are an easy way to reduce stress and increase your daily relaxation!


If you want to install a hammock, you’ll need some tools and a little handiness. Once you choose your perfect relaxation nook, you can drill two hooks into the ceiling or walls (making sure you drill into beams/posts that can support your weight). You can use rope or our hanging straps to adjust the length of your hammock to your ideal comfort. 


If you want an even easier solution, you can simply hang your hammock from one of our Hammock Stands. The Hammock Throne is designed to make a beautiful statement in your living room, bedroom, or office. 

Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to kick back and relax in our incredibly comfortable hammocks anywhere and everywhere! Our versatile hanging solutions are designed to make your hammock experience as easy as possible and customized for your unique comfort. Our detailed hammock hanging guide is available here, and each hammock is delivered with a “Hammocking 101” Guidebook with plenty of hanging tips & tricks. You’ll be a relaxation pro soon!

Our portable hammock stands and straps have a weight capacity of 330 lbs to 550 lbs (150 kg to 250 kg). Our hanging chair stands (The VISTA™ and The Hammock Throne™) are designed to support a single person, but our adjustable Hammock Stand and our Hammock Hanging Straps can comfortably hold 2+ people.


Our roomy hammocks and superstrong hammock stands can support most people's relaxation needs. Our Signature Hammocks expand to share without squishing, so you can share the hammock love!  Also, our Hanging Chair Hammock can extend to accommodate people up to 7 feet tall! You can find more details on our hammocks’ specific weight capacities here.

Our hanging straps are compatible with all Yellow Leaf Hammocks and Hanging Chairs, and they should also work with other hammocks. Each strap is 12’ long and includes adjustable pre-made loops, so you can hang almost anywhere and find your perfect comfort. The hanging straps support up to 550 lbs and are double-reinforced for strength and durability. 


Our hammock stands are designed to be compatible with Yellow Leaf Hammocks and Hanging Chairs, but if you already have a different brand of hammock, you will need to check the dimensions of our hammock stand to see if it’s a good fit.


Our adjustable Hammock Stand is compatible with Yellow Leaf Signature Hammocks (both the Classic Hammock and Family Hammock sizes). The hammock stand itself measures 3.5'W x 4'H x 8.5'L and, with its space-saving wrap system, supports hammocks that are 10’-11’ long. 


Our portable VISTA™ Hammock Chair + Stand can also be purchased “a la carte” without our hanging chair included. The support hooks on The VISTA™ are about 3.5’ apart, and the frame is 4.75’ high. 

The Hammock Throne™ comes with a 100% handwoven Yellow Leaf hanging chair. The frame is 3.5’ W x 5.3’H and has a 360° swivel, so it can face in any direction.

Yellow Leaf’s hammock hanging solutions include our adjustable Hammock Stand, The VISTA™ portable hammock + stand, and our luxury Hammock Throne™.  


Our adjustable Hammock Stand includes all necessary hardware, and no tools are required to assemble the Hammock Stand. Using the (included) easy-to-follow instructions, you can complete the hassle-free assembly in a few minutes. After it’s assembled, you can easily adjust our exclusive innovative Gravity Hooks™ to find the perfect tension for your unique comfort. 


The VISTA™ Stand is designed to be assembled (and disassembled) in less than a minute. The pieces are easy to slide together and click securely into place (no tools or small hardware to lose). After the first couple of times, you won’t even need to reference the (included) simple instructions. When you’re done relaxing, the whole frame breaks down and fits into the nicely organized, easy-to-carry backpack. 

Assembling The Hammock Throne™ is also straightforward. This luxury stand includes all the necessary hardware, a hex key, and a wrench - everything you need to assemble your hammock stand! While solo assembly is possible with easy-to-follow instructions, we recommend getting an extra set of hands to help so that you can relax faster!

Our hammock stands are weather-safe, rust-resistant, and designed to live outdoors. 


Our Signature Hammocks & Hanging Chairs are 100% handwoven with our specially sourced Performance Yarn™ and are weathersafe and durable. All of these hammocks & hanging chairs are colorfast and UV-resistant, so they won’t fade in the bright sunshine. They are also quick-drying, so you don’t need to worry about your hammock getting mold or mildew from rain/humidity (even in seaside climates). Rain or shine, your Signature Hammock or Hanging Chair can be left outdoors all summer long! Your hammock will stay vibrant, fresh, and beautiful for years of enjoyment.  


Our Cotton Rope Hammock is made of 100% cotton, a natural fiber that should not be left out in the elements. We recommend storing it safely when not in use. (Or hang your Cotton Rope Hammock indoors!). 


Each hammock and hanging chair is delivered with a “Hammocking 101” Guidebook with detailed care instructions so you’ll feel confident about having the longest-lasting hammock and stand to relax in.