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If a hammock sways in the breeze and no one sees it … 

How Can It Change the World?

At Yellow Leaf Hammocks, we are on a mission to spread relaxation around the globe and to spearhead a movement in sustainable economic development.

The awesome writers, publications + fans who spread the word are incredible partners in our impact. As a young, bootstrapped social enterprise we are incredibly grateful to everyone who helps us share our story + our awesome hammocks!

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First up: Relaxation! We’re spreading backyard bliss with the most ridiculously comfy hammocks, stylish + customizable designs, “hammock concierge” service and legit 100% handwoven craftsmanship. Basically, everything you need to step away from the screen, kick back + spark some creativity!  (We love to joke around, but this is serious stuff: According to the CDC, up to 90% of doctor's visits in the U.S. are for stress-related illness. WHOA.)

Next up: Changing the World. Artisan activity is the second-largest income generator in the developing world, yet the prevailing trend in global crafts is still (let’s be real here) dust-catchers, knick-knacks and “pity-purchases.” Why not empower artisans to create products that people truly love? Why not break the chain of charity + handouts and run an impact-driven business that imbues communities with dignity and pride? That's what we're all about.




HERE'S THE BASICS: Ridiculously Comfy • Shockingly Soft • Weathersafe • Breezy • Vibrant + Stylish • "Best for the World" B Corp • 100% Handwoven • Expert Craftsmanship • Designs that can't be replicated by a machine • Dedicated to sustainable job creation • "Prosperity Wages" • Lifting artisans from rural Thailand from debt slavery to the middle class • Diverting families from slash + burn agriculture • Breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and debt slavery • A hand up, not a handout


Want to Talk More? Let's Do It!

We would love to talk more about our mission, impact + products (plus, we've got killer margarita recipe to share).

To schedule an interview or clarify any details, please shoot a note to our team at or fill out the form below! 

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