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Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you.

Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you. Stay tuned for more big news! -Rach & Joe

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If a hammock sways in the breeze and no one sees it … 

How Can It Change the World?

At Yellow Leaf Hammocks, we are on a mission to spread relaxation around the globe and to spearhead a movement in sustainable economic development.

The awesome writers, publications + fans who spread the word are incredible partners in our impact. As a young, bootstrapped social enterprise we are incredibly grateful to everyone who helps us share our story + our awesome hammocks!

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First up: Relaxation! We’re spreading backyard bliss with the most ridiculously comfy hammocks, stylish + customizable designs, “hammock concierge” service and legit 100% handwoven craftsmanship. Basically, everything you need to step away from the screen, kick back + spark some creativity!  (We love to joke around, but this is serious stuff: According to the CDC, up to 90% of doctor's visits in the U.S. are for stress-related illness. WHOA.)

Next up: Changing the World. Artisan activity is the second-largest income generator in the developing world, yet the prevailing trend in global crafts is still (let’s be real here) dust-catchers, knick-knacks and “pity-purchases.” Why not empower artisans to create products that people truly love? Why not break the chain of charity + handouts and run an impact-driven business that imbues communities with dignity and pride? That's what we're all about.




HERE'S THE BASICS: Ridiculously Comfy • Shockingly Soft • Weathersafe • Breezy • Vibrant + Stylish • "Best for the World" B Corp • 100% Handwoven • Expert Craftsmanship • Designs that can't be replicated by a machine • Dedicated to sustainable job creation • "Prosperity Wages" • Lifting artisans from rural Thailand from debt slavery to the middle class • Diverting families from slash + burn agriculture • Breaking the cycle of extreme poverty and debt slavery • A hand up, not a handout


Want to Talk More? Let's Do It!

We would love to talk more about our mission, impact + products (plus, we've got killer margarita recipe to share).

To schedule an interview or clarify any details, please shoot a note to our team at or fill out the form below! 

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