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Hanging your hammock “Pivot Style” with a Spreader Bar allows you to rotate 360 degrees and drift gently while you kick your feet up. When you hang your hammock “Pivot Style” you will only connect the hammock to one anchor point.


Measure and mark the distance between your two anchor points (about 60-75”)


Drill holes into your marked points

  • If you are installing into a wood structure:
    • Drill 1/4 inch pilot hole vertically into a ceiling joist (an internal beam) or rafter.
    • The pilot hole also ensures that you aren’t drilling into a lath or intermediate drywall support.
    • The hole must be in the center of the wood structural member.
    • Then turn 3/8 inch eyebolt lag screw into the pilot hole with a screwdriver blade as a lever so that all of the threads (2.5 inches) are in the wood. If the eyebolt lag screw is not long enough to completely seat its threads, you must get a longer one with the same capacity.

  • If you are installing into a concrete structure:
    • The easiest way to support your hammock from a concrete structure (ceiling, brickwork, stone wall) is to install a 16mm expansion bolt (not suitable for cement block type walls). An expansion bolt can be found at most hardware stores and the most commonly available bolts of this kind are the “Rawlhook (M10H)” or a “Hilti HDI anchor.”
    • To install the bolt you will need a power drill, a 16mm drill bit and a smaller drill bit for the pilot hole.
    • If drilling into brickwork, first locate the center of the brick as this will be the strongest point.
    • Once you have marked your anchor points, drill a small pilot hole into the concrete with a concrete drill bit.
    • The pilot hole ensures there are no underlying steel bars and helps drilling the larger hole.
    • Then drill a ½ inch hole to a depth of 1.75 inches, then insert the expansion bolt.
    • Ensure that the bolt is fully unexpanded, tap it into the hole and turn it until it is tight.
    • Before using the hammock, apply your weight onto the hammock, then double-check the bolt – it may need to be retightened a few times before it is secure.


Measure and select your ropes.

Once you have drilled your ceiling hook (anchor point), you will need to connect the hook to the eye of your spreader bar using a length of rope or chain.

Determine how long your ropes need to be- once they are fastened to the hammock, you will want the hammock seat to hit about 20-24” off the floor.

For a 10’ ceiling, you’ll want rope that is about 2′ long, for a 12’ ceiling, you’ll want rope that is about 4′ long…

Don’t forget to allow extra length in your rope to make your knots!

Our Hammock Extension Ropes will provide the perfect length and strength for indoor installation, but you can also use rope or chain from your local hardware store. (Just check with the hardware store that the rope or chain you are planning to use can support a person.


Test before you rest!

Before kicking back in your hammock, test all the ropes and fittings by tugging on them with your full weight. Then test the installation by first sitting in it with your feet solidly on the ground to ensure that all is secure and solid



Hook Drilled Into Beam - Chair Hammock Hung on Spreader Bar