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Hammock Lifestyle


[ham-uhk] (verb)
“To Hammock”:
> To engage in a state of relaxation, rejuvenation & reconnection.
> To put aside the humdrum minutiae of the every day and savor a moment, a chapter, a ‘cheers’ or a memory.
> To kick back, relax & change the world.
When you hop into a Yellow Leaf Hammock, you aren’t just settling into a cozy swing- you’re adopting a healthier, happier way of life.
So slip on your sunglasses, grab a good book and make sure you’ve got an icy drink within reach- you’re about to become a hammocker!
Ready to pick out your hammock? Head on over to the Hammock Shop! Want to know more? Read on!
About our Hammocks: You’ve found something special.
Yellow Leaf Hammocks is committed to offering the most comfortable hammocks and hanging chairs in the world. What’s our secret?
Each “ridiculously comfy” Yellow Leaf Hammock is entirely handwoven using up to 4 MILES of yarn and 150,000 (!) interwoven loops to create a stress-free oasis right outside your door. Unparalleled comfort is the most important attribute of a Yellow Leaf Hammock.
Of course, this is about more than snuggling up for a snooze on the porch! Hammockers are adventurers, explorers, thinkers, dreamers & “do-ers!” You can bring your hammock camping, string it up on the boat, take a hammock chair to the park, bring it along backpacking or even set it up indoors!
A hammock can be your ticket to family fun or a romantic rendezvous for two. Your hammock or hanging chair is a place where you can finally enjoy that “me time” you’re always putting off.
A Yellow Leaf Hammock is huge step toward living out the lifestyle you believe in and a tangible reminder of your values— hammocking is a daily opportunity to spark your creativity & to slow down and enjoy the company of those you love most (hint: put down that smartphone!).
What hammock suits you? Explore The Hammock Shop to find “the one”… or read more about our unique hammocks and hanging chairs!
Our hammocks are everything a hammock should be:
Each of our five unique key benefits contributes to creating the very best hammock possible for you and your family. We’ve thought of everything, so you can relax! What do our customers love about our hammocks?
Our proprietary “triple weave” cradles your body weightlessly without leaving the dreaded waffle imprint of a low quality rope hammock. Our hammocks are designed in the classic style, with no spreader bar to pull the bed out flat and leave you vulnerable to flipping! Our Hanging Chair Hammocks” recline to the perfect angle to support your back and neck.
Hammocks should be weatherproof- but most of them aren’t! Yellow Leaf Hammocks are weathersafe and colorfast. Our high grade, quick-drying yarn is impervious to rain & shine and won’t break down, pill, mold or fade over the years.
Hammockers love our cheery, classic striped designs! We name each hammock and swing chair for the vacation destination that inspired its colors, from nautical Newport to the sandy Big Sur. Can’t find exactly what you want? You can always design your own one-of-a-kind hammock!
Our classic double hammocks can hold 330-550 lbs- perfect for a couple of snuggly hammockers- or even for the whole family to jump in! We offer two traditional hammock sizes and a hanging chair/recliner option.
King-Size: The Yellow Leaf King-Size is a monster hammock, even larger than a king bed with a capacity of 550 lbs and plenty of space for two or more!
Classic Double: This is a perfect hammock for 1-2 people to jump in (up to 330 lbs)
Hanging Chair Hammock: A full-body recliner chair hammock, perfect for the solo hammocker to kick back and relax. Our swing chair can be hung with or without a spreader bar.
No matter which size you choose, every Yellow Leaf Hammock is a portable hammock. They each weigh 1-3 lbs and come packaged in a sturdy tote, making them perfect to bring along to the beach, camping or out on the boat.
100% Handwoven
Our special weaves can’t be replicated by a machine. Each Yellow Leaf Hammock is completely handmade by an artisan weaver in northern Thailand. We support sustainable economic development and combat deforestation in our weaving communities.
Bonus Benefit: Free Eco-Friendly Shipping!
Our customers love that they can get free shipping on any Yellow Leaf Hammock, any day of the year, without any codes or gimmicks. Hammockers love our free eco-friendly shipping, with carbon offsets through Carbon Fund.
How will you hang your hammock?
Have you got two perfect trees to hang a hammock between? How about a spacious porch or deck? Lucky you! We’ve got directions to help you hang your hammock between two trees or beams.
Haven’t got two perfect trees? Don’t despair! There are other solutions, from hammock stands to handiwork. We have a handy hammock hanging guide to help you set up your hammock or hanging chair, even if you have to get a bit creative! We can help you hang a hammock indoors or out, with special instructions to install a hanging chair from one or two points (swing chair style).
Hammock Stand:
Starting soon, Yellow Leaf will sell specially-designed hammock stands for our Hanging Chair Hammocks. The new Yellow Leaf Hammock Stand is customizable, crafted from eco-friendly reclaimed wood, and incredibly sturdy. This sleek, modern piece of furniture isn’t just for the backyard- it can be used to replace a recliner in the living room or office, or showcased as a statement piece in your landscape design. It’s a streamlined swing chair for every grown-up who misses their old backyard tire swing!
Head on over to The Hammock Shop to explore & find the right hammock for you!