Chair Swing | Relax in a Comfy Swing Hammock from Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you.

Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you. Stay tuned for more big news! -Rach & Joe

Chair Swing Hammocks

Chair Swing Hammock on the Beach


A Chair Swing is Perfect for the Young at Heart!

A chair swing is a great way to connect to your inner child! Remember those super cool wooden swings you had as a kid? The ones with the thick, prickly rope and simple wooden seat that always managed to lodge splinters in your bum? A Yellow Leaf chair swing provides you with a new kind of seat to bring you back to these simpler times with less stress!

You can shop for your perfect porch swing among our hammocks and hanging chairs, or read on to learn more about why a Yellow Leaf Chair Swing is a luxurious trip down memory lane.

A Chair Swing is Pure Fun!

Swinging back and forth is just fun! We all remember trying to swing higher than our friends, but with our hectic adult lives having time to slow down is the new contest. Every Yellow Leaf Hammock and Chair Swing offers you a much-needed break. While this swing may not send you skyward, it will provide you with the perfect way to gently rock and watch the clouds go by. And because our Chair Swing sitting hammocks stretch out more than seven feet, you can fully recline while you rock back and forth. Try doing that in your old wooden chair swing!

Chair Swing at the Garden Party

Relax Anywhere with Your Chair Swing!

Chair swings have always been a favorite for front porches and patios, but thanks to our lightweight, portable designs, you can take your favorite Sunday afternoon swing wherever you go. Whether you want a beach hammock for the afternoon or a camping hammock for a weekend trip, our chair swing weighs less than 1.5 lbs and goes wherever you do! Plus, each hammock comes packaged in a sturdy signature tote, so you can toss it into your picnic basket (or lunchbox if you are feeling really nostalgic) for a super-relaxing midday break. Or you can always go to your favorite tree in that super-secret spot and set up your chair swing for a permanent oasis.

Chair Swing at the Swan Boat House

A Yellow Leaf Chair Swing is Luxuriously Comfortable

Let’s face it: A rickety old swing probably doesn’t fit your style now as well as it did when you were six. At Yellow Leaf, we recognize that after a busy day of work you deserve something more relaxing and aesthetically-pleasing than a hard, wooden seat.

To develop a better big-kid chair swing, we worked with a textile engineer to create a proprietary (super-secret) new type of hammock weave.

Yellow Leaf’s chair swing contours to your body and the unique triple-weave structure envelops you "like a hug from mom." Plus, our wide variety of designs and custom color options mean you’ll look your best as you swing down childhood memory lane.

Head on over to the hammock shop and reconnect with your inner child in a chair swing of your own! We promise your next nap won't leave you with splinters!