Breezy, 100% handwoven hammocks • engineered for extreme comfort • soft, bright + weathersafe • Each hammock directly supports artisan jobs + empowers hill-tribe families to rise from poverty.


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"BEST HAMMOCK EVER. I have bought many a hammock in my day - and I can easily say that this is both the highest quality and most comfortable I have ever used... napping is amazing in this!”--Review from Ken, May 2013

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How can a hammock change the world?

Our mission is to empower families + communities through job creation. Each handwoven Yellow Leaf Hammock is created by an artisan from the hill-tribe communities of rural Thailand. By creating safe, high-wage weaving jobs, we divert families from toxic slash + burn agriculture and end the cycle of debt slavery.

Good jobs empower + transform communities for generations.

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How Do I Hang It Up?

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Every hammock comes with a handbook

2. Read our FAQ or Livechat an expert!

3. Each shopping page has a hanging guide

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Can't Get Enough Hammocks In Your Life?



Hammock [ham-uhk] (verb)

“To Hammock”:
> To engage in a state of relaxation, rejuvenation & reconnection.
> To put aside the humdrum minutiae of the every day and savor a moment, a chapter, a ‘cheers’ or a memory.
> To kick back, relax & change the world.
When you hop into a Yellow Leaf Hammock, you aren’t just settling into a cozy swing- you’re adopting a healthier, happier way of life.
So slip on your sunglasses, grab a good book and make sure you’ve got an icy drink within reach- you’re about to become a hammocker!
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About our Hammocks: You’ve found something special.
Yellow Leaf Hammocks is committed to offering the most comfortable hammocks and hanging chairs in the world. What’s our secret?
Each “insanely cozy” Yellow Leaf Hammock is entirely handwoven using up to 4 miles of yarn and 150,000 interwoven loops to create a stress-free oasis right outside your door. Unparalleled comfort is the most important attribute of a Yellow Leaf Hammock.
Of course, hammocking is about more than snuggling up for a snooze on the porch! Hammockers are adventurers, explorers, thinkers, dreamers & “do-ers!” You can bring your hammock camping, string it up on the boat, take a hammock chair to the park, bring it along backpacking or even set it up indoors!
A hammock can be your ticket to family fun or a romantic rendezvous for two. Your hammock or hanging chair is a place where you can finally enjoy that “me time” you’re always putting off.
A Yellow Leaf Hammock is huge step toward living out the lifestyle you believe in and a tangible reminder of your values— hammocking is a daily opportunity to spark your creativity & to slow down and enjoy the company of those you love most (hint: put down that smartphone!).
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