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Hanging Chair Hammocks

March 31, 2012

hanging chair hammock landing pageOur Hanging Chair Converts to a Full Body Recliner

Our hanging chair “Sitting Hammock” is a perfect place to get a break from the bustle and chatter of daily life. The Yellow Leaf hanging chair hammock is a streamlined, yet super cozy seat. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

You can treat the Sitting Hammock like a regular hanging chair or kick back for a full-body reclining experience. It offers as much space as you need to stretch out, but with a specially engineered design that contours to your body. It’s built to stretch more than 7 feet, so we’ve got you covered from head to toe! This hanging chair hammock is designed to hold just one person- a perfect place to be alone with your thoughts, let your mind wander peacefully and rejuvenate away from the day-to-day.

Want to pick out your hanging chair of shop for a cozy double hammock instead? Visit the Hammock Shop or scroll down for more info!

Hanging Chair Hammock Collage

The intricate weave of our hanging chair is beautiful, but it’s also super-strong. In fact, the Yellow Leaf Sitting Hammock can hold up to 330 lbs.

Side note: The Sitting Hammock stretches out over 7 feet and holds 330 lbs??? Do you think Shaquille O’Neal is looking to endorse a hanging chair hammock? Shaq, call us!

Even average-sized Joes & Janes love our hanging chair hammocks, especially because of the option to custom design any Sitting Hammock in your choice of patterns and colors. You can design a soothing blue and green hanging chair, or an electric neon for  ‘power’ naps!

Still trying to decide if a hanging chair is a perfect fit for your lifestyle? Browse our designs and photos in the Hammock Shop or read on!

Hanging Chair Recliner Hammocks

How do you know if a “Sitting Hammock” hanging chair is right for you?

Here are a few of the benefits of a hanging chair compared to a traditional laying hammock:

Hanging Chairs Save Space & Offer Versatility:

A Sitting Hammock or chair swing takes up far less room than a traditional hammock- it’s perfect for a smaller porch or deck. If your backyard doesn’t have two perfect trees, a hanging chair is a great solution that uses one branch. You can even hang one indoors in an apartment or a house! Recline completely and turn it into a hammock bed! You can enjoy your hammock all year round if you have a hanging chair inside.

A Hanging Chair is a Solo Retreat:

We all need a little time to ourselves, and the Sitting Hammock is a perfect place to catch up with your thoughts. You can pack up your portable hammock for a camping trip or a day at the park. Of course, if you prefer some company, you can always put two hanging chairs side-by-side or check out our classic double hammocks.

Kick Back and Relax-- or Catch Up on Work in a Hanging Chair

We’ll let you in on a hammocking secret. As much as we love to relax, we know that sometimes there’s more work to do at the end of the day. After a long day hunched over a desk, we love to settle into the Sitting Hammock and let it cradle our neck & shoulders weightlessly—even if we have to bring the laptop in & get a lil more work done. Imagine kicking back in your beach hammock or camping hammock and finishing up that report in your "satellite office." In our hanging chair, you’re also at a perfect angle for reading, so feel free to grab a good book and make sure an icy drink is within reach!

Want to check out our Signature Collection of hanging chair hammocks? Design Your Own? Or are you a traditionalist looking for a classic laying hammock? We’ve got you covered at the Hammock Shop!

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