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Give the Gift of Relaxation

A Perfect Gift for Anyone Who: Works Hard/Deserves to Relax/Likes to Do Good/Likes Trees (Saving Them  Hanging Out Under them)/Has Earned Something Special


Everyone Loves a Hammock!

For those of you who don't think you have a perfect place to hang a hammock, we have a lot of ideas to help you get one hung up at your place! For that rare person who STILL can't find a hammocking nook of their own, we have a sneaky/awesome suggestion:

Give someone close to you a hammock!

They will be happy and feel special-- and you can head over there and hammock any time you want!


You could be relaxing!

And on that note, here you go:


1. Your Hammock will give them a chance to relax and feel pampered long after their special day.

2. Every Hammock comes in its own Tote made out of repurposed Parachute Fabric-- eco-friendly gift wrap!

3. Ordering a Custom Hammock in a meaningful color combination makes it an extra-thoughful gift (the possibilities are endless- you can match the color scheme of their wedding, remind her of the outfit she wore on your first date, coordinate it with a favorite T-shirt...)

4. Your hammock will take a few days to arrive, so they'll know you didn't purchase it at the last minute!

5. Of course, if you've procrastinated and need a last-minute gift, we will e-mail you a print-able gift certificate and you can explain that you wanted to let them choose their own design

6. Giving a Sitting Hammock lets them have a quiet solo retreat where they can rest and relax away from distractions

7. And giving a King or Queen is the perfect way to help them spend more time with loved ones

8. Even Grandma has a smart phone these days, so giving gadgets isn't really an option anymore!-

9. Our Hammocks hold between 330 lbs and 550 lbs, so there is no need for awkward guesses on size (everyone is not a "Medium")

10. A Yellow Leaf Hammock is a chance to share "Do Good. Relax." with them- you know that they care about changing the world & they'll know that you realize how hard they work every day!

Head on over to The Hammock Shop to find the perfect hammock for that special birthday boy/busy Mom/crossword-loving Grandpa!

Who do you know who deserves a special retreat?