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Hammocking 101

Each hammock is delivered with a Hanging Guide.

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Empowerment is our mission at Yellow Leaf Hammocks.

We're not only empowering you to kick stress to the curb, we're supporting fair + safe jobs for talented artisan weavers in rural Thailand. We're not a charity-- just a really cool new kind of business. For our weaving communities, these jobs are world-changing. 

That's what our customers say about our hammocks, too.




The Yellow Leaf Difference


"Insanely Comfy"

Priority number one: our hammocks have been engineered for "extreme comfort" from the very start.

Our specifically engineered weave contours to your body for a perfect fit every time. It stretches gently + is easy to share! 

We sourced the softest yarn to complete the cloudlike comfort of every hammock.

Lasting Quality

We like to call our hammocks "backyard heirlooms."

While many hammocks only last a season or two, a Yellow Leaf Hammock stays bright and fresh for years. It never fades, repels mildew + mold, and won't fall apart.

A high-quality hammock isn't just better for your wallet, it's more sustainable + better for the earth.

Portable + Convenient

Relax anywhere! Packs down to the size of a football for road trips, beach, boat + more!

With our Hammocking 101 guide, you'll be a hanging expert!

Every Yellow Leaf Hammock comes with a "Hammock Tote" for travel + storage.

Completely One-Of-A-Kind

Enjoy the expert craftsmanship of a 100% handmade product!

Our special weaves can't be replicated by a factory or machine, so you can kick back knowing that you're experiencing the finest quality.

Each hammock directly creates high-wage jobs for our weaving communities in rural Thailand!