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Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you.

Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you. Stay tuned for more big news! -Rach & Joe

Rope Hammocks and Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Rope hammocks are what people usually think of when they hear the word “hammock.” They are usually white in color and made from thick rope that is knotted together to make a net-like pattern. But not all hammocks are rope hammocks. In fact, there are many varieties that are actually more comfortable than traditional rope hammocks. Yellow Leaf strives to make the most comfortable hammock by improving on the shortcomings of classic rope hammocks and creating the most luxurious hammocking experience possible.

Head over to the shop to check out our hammocks or keep reading to see how Yellow Leaf hammocks are different from your average rope hammocks.

Rope hammocks "waffle-ize" you!

After reclining in rope hammocks for a long time you start to look like a waffle iron! The thick ropes will often leave grid marks on your body and the knots create pressure points along your back. A Yellow Leaf hammock has neither of these problems. Our hammocks are hand-woven using a tight, triple weave pattern of 150,000 interlocking loops to evenly distribute your weight and leave you without “waffle print”.

Rope hammocks break down over time

Many rope hammocks are made from cotton or hemp. While these materials are natural and quite strong they have the tendency to mold, mildew, and break down when exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. This means they need to be replaced every 3-5 years or so; a significant problem for an outdoor piece of furniture! In contrast, Yellow Leaf hammocks are made from a synthetic yarn that won’t mold, mildew, or otherwise deteriorate in the sun. The yarn is also color-fast, meaning that the vibrant colors of Yellow Leaf hammocks will stay vivid year after year!

Rope hammocks deteriorate with weather

Rope hammocks are prone to tipping

Many people are wary of hammocks for fear of falling out of them. Rope hammocks often perpetuate this concern since their beds are relatively flat meaning that rolling onto your side could cause the hammock to tip you out! A Yellow Leaf hammock bed, on the other hand, “cocoons” your body and embraces you like “a hug from mom” leaving you feeling relaxed and secure.

Yellow Leaf hammocks don't tip like rope hammocks

Rope hammocks don’t have much style

Rope hammocks aren't the most visually appealing hammocks. They’re usually white without much variation. They can come in different colors, but the large gaps between the ropes makes it hard to create intricate patterns. Yellow Leaf hammocks were designed to be as visually appealing as they are comfortable! They come in a variety of classic and exotic colors and patterns that rope hammocks just can't pull off. And if you want something really unique, feel free to design your own by selecting the size, yarn, and pattern for a fully customizable hammock experience. Whether you want to design swing hammocks for you and your loved one or beach hammocks for that ultimate summer getaway, Yellow Leaf will help you design the hammock to best suit your style and needs!

Rope hammocks aren't this colorful

Rope hammocks are nice, but it's time for hammocks to enter the 21st century. If you feel the same way, head on over to the shop to get a Yellow Leaf hammock of your very own! It's time to upgrade your rope hammocks!