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Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you.

Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you. Stay tuned for more big news! -Rach & Joe

Hammock Seat For Your Home

A Hammock Seat brings the beauty of the outdoors in!

A hammock seat changes the rules of hammocking. At Yellow Leaf we don’t think hammocks should only be for outdoors during the summer months. We think you should be able to hammock outdoors and indoors 365 days a year!

Buy your own hammock seat at our shop or keep reading to see how we’re sparking a hammock revolution!

A Hammock seat is perfect for indoors

Hammocks are usually seen as an outdoor item. We imagine beach hammocks by the pool or on the front porch. But hammocking doesn’t have to be an exclusively outdoor activity! Bring the fun indoors with a hammock seat! Since a hammock seat can be hung straight from the ceiling, you don’t need to worry about whether you have those two sturdy trees usually needed for a hammock.


A hammock seat saves space

A normal hammock bed requires eight to eleven horizontal feet to hang. This is great for large backyards but not everyone has that kind of space. A hammock seat can fit in half the space and provide just as much relaxation. Hang it on your apartment balcony to savor sunsets or add one to your study to make the ultimate book nook. And with Yellow Leaf’s signature hammock tote your hammock seat will weigh just a little more than a pound and pack up easily so you can move it to any place!

A hammock seat is perfect for one person

The small profile of a hammock seat makes it ideal for those wanting some personal time. Sometimes hammocks are just too comfy for their own good and attract visitors. This is normally all well and good, but sometimes you just need time to by yourself to unwind. In times like these a hammock seat is ideal! Swing hammocks are only big enough for one person so you don’t run the risk of unwanted guests trying to sneak in on the comfyness. At the end of a long day it’s okay to be a little selfish and kick back and keep our triple-weave relaxation technology all to yourself.

A hammock seat is better than a recliner

A hammock seat from Yellow Leaf makes a great hanging chair but did you know that it also functions as a recliner? All you need to do is lean back and spread out and your hammock goes from chair swing to lounger. And with our newly launched hammock stand you can now turn your hammock seat into a luxurious piece of furniture! And unlike a traditional recliner that uses metal springs which aggravate pressure points, a Yellow Leaf hammock seat leaves you feeling weightless and relieves stress points as it cradles you.

Be a part of the hammocking revolution and redefine the way you hammock by going to the shop and getting a hammock seat of your own!