Hammock Hanging, Care + Use – Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you.

Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you. Stay tuned for more big news! -Rach & Joe

Hammock Hanging, Care + Use

Q: Will tree hooks hurt my trees?

A: No, tree hooks will not affect the health of the tree, but it will leave a hole however. We recommend using tree straps. This will also allow you to move your hammock from place to place easily. It also helps in adjusting the height without putting additional holes in your tree.

Q: Can I sleep in a hammock?

A: We've had customers replace beds with hammocks but it really depends on personal preference. In South America, hammock napping is standard practice but not so much here in the U.S.

Q: My son has a hammock, which he loves, but the weave is a little too wide so it is less comfortable than he would like. We would consider replacing it with one of your Queen Hammocks, but what can you tell us about the tightness of the weave?

A: We use a soft-spun yarn, which feels really nice and you don't get that waffle imprint in your skin the way you do with other hammock weaves. The interwoven Triple Weave is a free-flowing, close knit weave that contours to your body and shifts while you move.

Q2: That sounds good. Is it durable?

A: The Queen-size supports 330 lbs. we just recommend avoiding buttons, zippers, and anything that can get caught in the yarn, but that's the case with most rope hammocks. what's especially nice about our hammocks is that they're weatherproof and UV resistant. Not sure where your's is hung up right now but that's one of the big selling points we like to share.

Q: Do you sell hammock stands?

A: We do not currently sell hammock stands, but our hammocks are compatible with many of the stands out there on the market. 
Because not all hammocks and hammock stands are made alike, it is important to make sure that the specs of the stand you are considering match the specs of a Yellow Leaf Hammock.
You can view our size guide here to see the specs for our 3 hammock sizes: King, Queen, and Sitting.

Q: I have a hammock stand already. Are you hammocks compatible with my hammocks stand? 

A: Since not all stands and hammocks are made alike, you want compare the specs of the stand with the hammock. If your stand is more than 12 ft. long, you could possibly use rope or chain to make up for the extra length as long as you stand is not too low to the ground (under 3.5 ft.).

Q: Do your hammocks include hanging hardware?

A: Each hammock comes with a Hammocking 101 Guide to help you hang it up. Hanging a Yellow Leaf Hammock is extremely easy in a number of different settings (on your porch or patio, in your backyard between 2 trees, and even in your living room if your ceiling or beams can support the installation!). The hammocks do not come with any specific hanging hardware since each person has their own way of hanging it. We do offer hanging accessories including hammock straps on our Accessories page here. You can also use rope or hardware from your local hardware store. Just let them know you are hanging a hammock and they can help you find the right hardware!
Each Yellow Leaf Hammock includes a Hammocking 101 guide, with instructions on where and how to hang your hammock. Because every person hangs their hammock in a different place (some prefer a tree in the yard vs. the porch or patio, etc.) and the location/place where you hang your hammock dictates what hardware you may need, we do not include the hardware. We do offer a wide range of hammock hanging accessories in our Accessories section here