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Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you.

Welcome back Shark Tank fans! We're so excited to share our wild journey with you. Stay tuned for more big news! -Rach & Joe

National Hammock Day

National Hammock Day Giveaway

National Hammock Day is July 22, 2012!

It’s the day we at Yellow Leaf Hammocks having being waiting for all year...our favorite holiday, right up there with Halloween and Thanksgiving!  Drum roll please...July 22!

That’s right, folks, July 22 is National Hammock Day and we are so excited to celebrate this special day that we are offering tons of specials and giveways for all of our favorite hammockers-- that’s YOU!

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National Hammock Day? Are you sure that's a holiday?

So, what’s this holiday all about, anyway?  Picture this:  it’s the middle of July, it’s scorching outside and well--what could be better than kicking back in an insanely comfy Yellow Leaf Hammock? Sounds like a reason to celebrate to us!

National Hammock Day Relaxation on the Beach

Hammock Heritage

But now for a quick lesson on the history of hammocks...

Hammocks have a rich and varied history.   Some anthropologists trace the history of hammocks back 1000 years to Central America, when indigenous people crafted these ‘hanging chairs’ to seek protection from pesky creatures or to keep warm as they slept above small fires.  Columbus is often thought to be the first European to experience the hammock craze when he saw the widespread use by the Taino people in Bahamas and decided to take examples of their chair swing back to Spain.  Hammocks were often used as portable beds, used as far back as sailors during the 16th century to members of the military more recently.   From the Civil War until Vietnam, members of the U.S. Navy were issued portable hammocks for sleeping “on the go.”

National Hammock Day at Sea

A 2011 study in an issue of “Current Biology” even offers a scientific explanation as to why hammocks rock!   According to Swiss researchers, rocking motion synchronizes brain waves, helping people to doze off more quickly and attain a deeper state of sleep. If that’s not even more of a reason to curl up in your favorite hammock!

Regardless of the facts, one thing’s for sure:  the hammocking revolution is a  timeless craze and it’s not slowing down anytime soon!  A hammock reminds us to slow down, relax and keep it simple. Just take it all in and enjoy the rare time for yourself, something that we could all use more of amongst the hectic workdays and jam-packed weekends.

A Nap for National Hammock Day

Creating New Traditions for Hammock Day

So, this National Hammock Day, we challenge you to take the time and do something you have always wanted:  Read that book you “haven’t had time for,”  start a new workout regimen, volunteer for the first time, make that vision a reality....whatever it is, join us as we “Kick back, relax, & change the world!” all from the comfort of a Yellow Leaf Hammock!

And as our gift to you, loyal hammockers, we have some special offers for Hammock Day: Free Shipping on Every Hammock, the opportunity for media to download high res images on our media page and we will even throw in free eco-friendly hammock straps with every hammock purchase [Code: HAMMOCKDAY] through August 1.

Happy National Hammock Day!!!