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Hammock Bed: For the Best Naps

Hammock Bed by Yellow Leaf

Let a Hammock Bed Rock You to Sleep!

A hammock bed is the perfect alternative to a clunky mattress. Who says hammocks just have to be for lounging? Going on a camping trip? Leave the air mattress at home and curl up in your sleeping bag in a camping hammock instead! In-laws in town? Turn any space into a guest room by stringing up one of our “insanely comfy”, hand-woven hammocks! Be warned though! Your guests will like the hammock bed so much they may not leave…

You can shop now for a hammock bed of your own, or you can read on to see why you should ditch that old mattress!



Hammock Bed for Boy and His Puppy


 Sleep anywhere with a portable hammock bed

Traveling or visiting family is fun, but we all hate parting with our usual bed and the restful sleep if provides. With a Yellow Leaf hammock bed, though, you don’t have to! All our hammocks are between 1 and 3 lbs and pack up in a tote smaller than a sleeping bag. And thanks to our hanging chair hammocks you don’t need a lot of space for your hammock bed so you can have sleep-overs wherever you choose and actually sleep well too.

Hammock Bed on the Front Porch

A hammock bed for just you or the whole family

A mattress comes in many different sizes and a hammock bed does too! If you’re looking for a napping space for just you, try our swing hammocks. They're the perfect cradle for one and can convert into full-body recliners. Plus when you’re kicking back for some entertainment you won’t need a dozen pillows to prop you up to read a book or watch TV. Our chair swing places you at the perfect angle to see the pages or tube.

If you’re looking for something a little more social, our queen hammock can sleep two. Its unique triple weave engineering is built to hold 330 lbs in its ultra-soft 6ft by 7.5ft bed. It’s the ideal hammock bed to cuddle with your sweetheart in weightless comfort!

Still too small? The Yellow Leaf king hammock is designed to fit the whole family! Able to hold 550 lbs, it’s just right for family-fun! And with the customizable pattern and color options available on all hammocks, it’s sure to fit everyone’s style.

Baby in a Hammock Bed


Hammock beds make you sleep better!

Not only are hammock beds cooler looking than an ordinary bed, they also provide more restful sleep! Sleeping in a hammock relieves pressure points. Since you’re practically weightless, you won’t toss and turn from discomfort meaning you fall asleep faster. When you lie down in a hammock bed your vertebrae align naturally with your neck and pelvis which relieves aches and pains. Furthermore, studies have shown that the synchronized rocking of a hammock stimulates the brain and leads to deeper sleep!

Check out the hammock shop and rock your way to a better night’s sleep with a hammock bed! You’ll never have to make a bed again.