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Portable Hammock: Relax Anywhere!

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A Portable Hammock Means Relaxation On-the-Go!

With a portable hammock from Yellow Leaf, you can take your fun on the run! Our weatherproof, super-strong hammocks are also incredibly lightweight & easy to pack up in a signature tote (included with purchase).

You can sling the tote over your shoulder or toss your portable hammock in a backpack as you zip out the door to explore. Each Yellow Leaf portable hammock weighs just 1-3 lbs, with a weight capacity of 330-550 lbs! They stretch out 6+ feet, yet pack down to about the size of a football.

Many people who don’t have the perfect deck or backyard still want to kick back & relax- that’s where a portable hammock can come in handy! Others want to enjoy their hammock at home most of the time, but still want to bring a portable hammock on vacation or to a second home- without taking up too much space in their luggage!

Ready to shop? Head to the Hammock Shop! Want to explore more ideas? Read on!

portable hammock packs in a lightweight tote

Where could you enjoy your portable hammock? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few to get you started:

Take a Portable Hammock along on a Picnic in the Park!

When you’re packing up the picnic basket, make sure to nestle your portable hammock in next to the baguette! It’s the perfect place to retire for a cozy nap after lunch. You’ll put the ‘relaxation’ into your local park ‘staycation’ with a Yellow Leaf Hammock, a shady tree and a good book! (A glass of wine is optional! But you’ll definitely need some yummy cheese & crusty bread.)

A Day at the Beach Isn’t Complete without a Portable Hammock!

Hammocks and beaches are a natural combination, like peanut butter & banana or ‘80s music videos & wayfarers. When you string up your portable beach hammock by the sea, you can sway back and forth in the sea breeze- without getting sand in your suit! Whether you’re at a tropical resort, a beach house vacation or just hopped in the car for a drive to the closest coast, you’ll be glad to lie back and watch the waves roll in from the best seat on the beach!

portable hammock relax beach

Stargaze in your Portable Hammock on a Camping Trip

‘Roughing it’ never felt so luxurious! With tons of trees to hang from, you can bring along a portable hammock for everyone in your camp crew, or snuggle up in an enormous Yellow Leaf king-size hammock. A camping hammock is the perfect place to settle in and enjoy nature, whether you perch by a stream, a lake, waterfall or just in a clearing with a beautiful view of the sky.

Portable Hammocks Add a Guest Room to the Boat!

Whether extra passengers are bunking up for the night or you’re just adding hanging chairs or a chair swing for extra seating during a day out on the water, our weatherproof portable hammocks are a favorite of sailors everywhere. For centuries, hammocks have been a sailboat staple- their gentle sway makes them great for sleeping at sea. And Yellow Leaf Hammocks are anti-flip, so you don’t have to worry about spilling out while you try to settle in!

Where will you take your portable Yellow Leaf Hammock? Head on over to The Hammock Shop for some relaxation inspiration!