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Get your FREE Gift Pack ($79 VALUE) with every hammock (auto-adds to cart).

Get your FREE Gift Pack ($79 VALUE) with every hammock (auto-adds to cart). Happy Gifting! - Rach & Joe

Yellow Leaf Hammocks | Give A Perfect Present for Dad, Grads, Mother's Day More!

A Yellow Leaf Hammock is an Ideal Gift for Anyone Who... Works Hard/Deserves to Relax/Likes to Do Good/Likes Trees (Saving Them & Hanging Out Under them)/Has Everything/Has Earned Something Special

We all have a couple tricky people on our gift shopping list...wouldn't they love an "insanely comfy" handwoven hammock?

There's the "Father with 137 neckties," the "Mom who exchanges every single gift the very next day," the "Brother who only buys things in his team colors," and the "Best Friend who seriously has everything."

This year we'll let you in on a shopping secret-- EVERYONE Loves a Hammock!

We all know that a present speaks 1000 words, so what better message to send than You work too hard & you care so much- I want your gift to help you "Do Good. Relax."

Your present will make them feel happy and special-- and you can visit them and borrow the hammock any time you want!

Without further ado:


A Hammock is a Great Gift or Present

1. Your Hammock will be the present that helps them relax and feel pampered long after their special day has passed.

2. Every Yellow Leaf Hammock comes in its own portable hammock tote made out of re-purposed Parachute Fabric-- eco-friendly gift wrap, taken care of!

3. Ordering a Custom Hammock in a meaningful color combination makes it an extra-thoughtful gift (the possibilities are endless- you can match the color scheme of their wedding, remind her of the outfit she wore on your first date, coordinate it with a favorite T-shirt, make a hammock for their beach house...)

4. Your hammock will take a few days to arrive, so they'll know you didn't buy a present at the last minute!

5. Of course, if you've procrastinated and need a last-minute gift, we will e-mail you a specially designed, easy-to-print gift card (you can just explain that you wanted to let them choose their own design!)

6. Giving a hanging chair Sitting Hammock is the gift of a quiet solo retreat where they can rest and relax away from distractions

7. And giving a King Hammock or Queen Hammock is the perfect present to help them spend more time with loved ones

8. Even Grandma has a smart phone these days, so giving gadgets isn't really an option anymore!

9. Our Hammocks hold between 330 lbs and 550 lbs, so there is no need for awkward guesses on size (everyone is not a "Medium")

10. A Yellow Leaf Hammock is a chance to share "Do Good. Relax." with them- you know that they care about changing the world & your present will show you realize how hard they work every day!

Head on over to The Hammock Shop to find the perfect hammock gift for that hard-working mom/crossword-loving father/special graduation girl/birthday boy!

Who do you know who deserves a special retreat?

Order their Yellow Leaf Hammock today and receive free eco-friendly shipping on your present!