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Spotlight on: The Monticello Hammock

The Yellow Leaf "Monticello" Hammock

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hammocking

This patriotic hammock is named for the beautiful historic estate of Thomas Jefferson, our nation's third president, most "declarative" author and (little known fact) a prolific gardener. Old TJ would have had a grand ol' time relaxing in this intricately woven homage to the flag.

(photo by Lori L Stalteri)

This hammock reminds me of summer bike rides through the neighborhood, back when American flags flapped on every porch. It takes me back to corn on the cob (in my braces!!), potato salad and a special dessert my family made every year:

(Martha Stewart's American Flag Tart)

As a kid, I always knew that the American Flag stood for the good guys-- it was part of the sweet safety net of childhood, a beacon that kept me safe from bogeymen in the closet and the bad guys in the movies.

(photo by Beverly & Pack)

As we've gotten older and the world has gotten a little scarier, shades of grey sometimes feel like they're edging out the red white and blue.

But it's still a sweet comfort to see the Monticello swinging out on the porch, just waiting for me to nestle up and let go of my worries for awhile, cradled in the secure embrace of the stars and bars.

American Flag Hammock on a Sailboat