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Hammocking Croquet

August 29, 2011

Epic birthday weekend! This weekend was an especially exciting one for Yellow Leaf as we celebrated Rachel’s 26thbirthday (or as she repeatedly explained— “The 5th anniversary of her 21st birthday”).

As some of you know, Rachel and I recently relocated Yellow Leaf from Boston to San Francisco and our new office is across the street from one of the city’s hidden gems, beautiful Allyne Park.

Does the birthday girl look familiar? Our resident wordsmith & hammock model turned 26!

So in true Yellow Leaf fashion, what did we do? We packed up a picnic, strung up a few hammocks, broke out the mason jars, and battled it out on the bocce court.

We’ve been in San Francisco for a few months and we’ve already had the good fortune to meet so many amazing new friends!

Our garden party was everything a hammocker could dream of- a laidback afternoon surrounded by old & new friends, refreshing beverages, dogs running around everywhere- and some intensely competitive croquet.

It was amazing to share the story behind Yellow Leaf and how hammocks are spurring positive social change with new friends as they relaxed in our hammocks! One of my favorite things is seeing people’s reactions as they first try out a Yellow Leaf Hammock.

Rachel's old friend Kelton stopped by, rocking some brand new shorts he picked up from Chubbies- another fun San Francisco start-up! Judging by the number of compliments his shorts got, I think these will be a hit!

We’re looking forward to more fun hammocking weekends while we explore SF and the surrounding area throughout the fall! Let us know if you’re in the neighborhood and we’ll keep you posted on future events!

Happy Hammocking!

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