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Design Your Own Hammock: Yellow Leaf Custom Hammock Design-o-matic!

We had a blast coming up with new hammock designs! A lot of the designs you see on the website now came out of fun sessions hanging out in the Yarn Room in the Mlabri Village, holding skeins of yarn up against each other and nicknaming the colors (there is something much more fun about designing a hammock with "Candy Apple Red" & "Peacock Blue" instead of Yarn R07 and B34!!). We realized that the combinations were pretty much endless- even the craziest combinations we could come up with looked GREAT!

Color Swatches for HammocksSwatches of our colorful threads, from Bright White to Blaze Orange to Mulberry Jam

With some research, we realized that there was not really another place where you could design your own hammock to the exact color combination you wanted- and we thought it was time to share the  fun!

Using the Hammock Design-o-matic is an easy DIY (design it yourself) with no elbow grease required- just a lil creativity and we will bring it to life!


Hokie Hammock Custom ColorsA Happy Hokie in his Custom Virginia Tech Hammock

So what kind of custom designs do we see coming through the Design-o-matic?

> We have had grandparents design hammocks to fit the color schemes in their grandkids' bedrooms, which looks awesome and makes a great "chill spot" or reading nook for energetic kids.

> Interior design and Home decor fanatics (like me!) love the option to coordinate with their outdoor decor and show off some of their (ahem) excellent taste out on the porch!

> Football and sports fans have a chance to show off their team spirit during parties and tailgates

> Corporate offices inject some fun into the break room with hammocks custom-made to match their logo or office decor

> Designing a custom hammock is also a thoughtful wedding gift, birthday gift or present for a parent- it's a great way to give a gift that will let them relax long after their special day has passed.

So check out the Custom Hammock Design-o-matic and get ready to kick back in your dream hammock!