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The Ultimate Box of Crayons

If you're anything like us, stepping into the Yarn Room in the Mlabri Village would be like setting a kid loose in a candy shop!


There are huge skeins of yarn filling the shelves that line the walls. Even inside the dim, cool room, the colors POP against the whitewashed walls and your attention is constantly being drawn to a new burst of color in another part of the room.


You can spend hours coming up with new combinations-- Blaze Orange & Kelly Green? Why not? Who knew fiery orange and vibrant green could complement each other so well?

One of the fun things we got to do during our visit to the Mlabri Village this February was to spend hours in the Yarn Room comparing colors and thinking up new designs to feature on our site- a lot of the designs you see on the site came out of these brainstorming sessions.

A full spectrum of colors come together in the Over the Rainbow Hammock

(Clearly, Quality Control is hard work!!).

Even with the help of the amazing photographers we've worked with, it's hard to capture the entrancing electric neon of the Wimbledon or the vivid red white & blue in the Monticello. We love watching people open a Yellow Leaf Hammock for the first time, because the colors really have to be seen to be believed! If you think they look good on our site, prepare to be amazed when it comes in the mail!

These bright, thrilling colors are one of our favorite things about Yellow Leaf Hammocks. That's why we are so proud of our colorfast fabric- you can leave your hammock out in the sun & rain without concern that the colors will fade or bleed. And while we are big advocates of indoor hammocking too, it just makes sense that you should have a hammock that stays beautiful when it's living outdoors (or underwater for that matter).