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Spotlight on: The Nantucket

The Yellow Leaf Yellow Leaf Queen "Nantucket" Hammock

A hammock-preneur shouldn't play favorites. I know I should love all our hammocks equally, and for the most part, I do.

But there's something about the Nantucket that makes me want to show it off whenever I am talking to someone about Yellow Leaf for the first time!

photo by yage

It might be because it takes me back to summers spent running around its beaches, crashing through waves in an American Flag two-piece, caked in Coppertone and sand.

It might have something to do with my love for a quality navy blazer.

Or it might be because I just can't get enough of the gorgeous "weathered red" yarn.

Sailboat near Nantucket

photo by susan simon

Even though our colorfast yarns won't ever actually fade, I love jumping in a Nantucket and feeling as though I'm laying in a hammock that's weathered the seasons out on the porch, soaking up the sea air and setting the scene for lazy afternoons or evenings spent watching kids chase fireflies.

Catching Fireflies on Nantucketphoto by coso blues

Forever Summer.

Classic "Reds"

Classic Nantucket Redsphoto by andrew malone