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Vacation Destination Inspiration


After browsing the Hammock Shop, you may be asking yourself "Now wait a minute. Nantucket isn't in Thailand. Neither is Wimbledon! And I don't even think Kokomo is a real place! If Yellow Leaf Hammocks are woven in Thailand, why are they named after vacation destinations all over the world?"

Well grasshopper, that's a very good question.

Some of our hammocks are named after places we love to visit in Thailand, but others are named after places we loved to vacation as kids... or after places we fell in love with as adults... or for places still on the bucket list (we're working on it!).

We named every design in our hammock collection after an inspiring vacation destination because we know what it's like to be stressed out, working a million hours a week, coming home to messes and clutter, scrambling to squeeze in some semblance of a social life and hopefully make some time to volunteer & recycle & FLOSS & read a book and just generally nourish the soul.

What we want to share with fellow hammockers is the feeling of an oasis- a haven right outside the door where you can escape for 10 minutes or two hours or a whole lazy Saturday. When you sink into a Yellow Leaf Hammock, you're telling your brain to pull out of overdrive and shift into cruise! For us, the bright stripes and colors of each Yellow Leaf Hammock evoke vivid mental images of these beautiful locations and make it easier for us to leave our troubles outside the hammock.


So go ahead... slip on your reds and drift out to Nantucket. Or bounce off to Wimbledon. Head way down to Kokomo.

A few moments of hammocking bliss are the perfect every day rejuvenation. Sit back, relax and enjoy your hammock- you deserve a break!