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Welcome to our Front Porch!

Welcome to Yellow Leaf Hammocks & The Front Porch blog!

We are so excited to have you here- we've been planning and building this site for so long that it kind of feels like we're welcoming guests over for a housewarming party!

So in that spirit, let us show you around!

Hammock on Front Porch in Martha's Vineyard


If you want to find out more about our hammocks, the first place you'll want to visit is The Hammock Shop. That's where we tell you all the great attributes of Yellow Leaf Hammocks, show off our classic color combinations, explain our sizing and share all our customer reviews!

Now if you really love our hammocks and you're feeling a lil creative, you might want to check out our Hammock Design-o-matic-- this is where you can design your own custom Yellow Leaf Hammock in any color combination you choose! We've had people design hammocks to match their favorite football team, corporate logos, kids' rooms and holiday decor! With the custom hammock Design-o-matic, you're the designer and anything goes!

If you haven't had a chance to hear Our Story yet, we'd love to share it with you here on the site. Although Yellow Leaf Hammocks are designed to help you relax, they were actually conceived as a way to support an endangered tribe, the Mlabri, of Northern Thailand in their search for a new livelihood, and have since grown into an even larger movement. We are a social enterprise dedicated to cultivating a sustainable economic opportunity for marginalized ethnic groups like the endangered Mlabri Tribe. We are working hard to spread the word and grow this company as big as we can in order to create more fair wage jobs & combat poverty, deforestation and serious social ills like child labor.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks are 100% handwoven in Thailand by artisan members of Thai hill tribes. These hammocks have been the building blocks toward a brighter future for people who've faced some pretty devastating circumstances. Along with our weavers, we are committed to building a truly sustainable business- from Day One, we have embraced the Four Pillars of Sustainability as our guiding principles.

Now that you've spent a little time with us, you just might want to spread the word and keep up with what's going on at Yellow Leaf HQ-- so head on over to the Hammock Nation! No matter whether you want to Facebook stalk us, send some Tweets our way or just play our Youtube videos on repeat, that's your portal to stay connected to our company and our mission! We LOVE to hear from hammockers, so keep us posted on your adventures too!

Did you decide to bring a hammock home? Thinking about buying one right now? Trying to figure out how to hang it? Where to hang it? What beverage to drink while you're in it? We've got the answers over at Hammocking 101. This is home base for hammockers looking to install and enjoy their new purchase!

And of course, here you are at The Front Porch blog. This is the most up-to-date source for fun stuff like hammocking playlists, hammocker emails, musings on sustainability and social enterprise and deep thoughts from the hammock! You can subscribe to our blog right here.

Stay awhile! Put your feet up, take a peek around. We're glad to have you here. Here's to new friends.