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#GiveFRDM - Our Partnership with Made in a Free World!

Today we are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Made in a Free World.

In 2011, Made in a Free World launched SlaveryFootprint.org and more than 22 million people have used that tool to answer the question "How many slaves work for me?" Over the past few years, Made in a Free World has worked to build awareness for the 27 million people in slavery - and beginning today, we are partners in turning awareness into action

Made in a Free World has built + launched the revolutionary FRDM™ software to help businesses protect their supply chains from slavery. Yellow Leaf Hammocks is proud to be one of the first 9 Made In A Free World companies who have committed to protect the freedom of those who make their amazing products by using this revolutionary software.

From the beginning, Yellow Leaf Hammocks has been committed to empowerment for both our weavers (who earn financial control over their futures) and our customers (who have the benefit of luxury, craftsmanship + transparency). As a young, agile, and growing company, we want to be on the forefront of companies that responsibly scale our supply chain while ensuring that it represents our values.

We are incredibly excited to be among the vanguard of this new frontier, which will empower companies to shine a light on their workforce. As a B Corporation, we love the fact that FRDM will actually help traditional corporations make a fiscal case for freedom, because we know shoppers like you are more motivated than ever to spend their hard-earned money in ways that reflect their values. 

This holiday season, join us in tipping the scales for freedom. Shop your values + give a gift that can change the world. Let's Go >>